As news media professionals we know what is news and what photos tell more than the essential thousand words.

The line between news, advertorial and advertising continues to blur news as traditional media tough it out against social media, YouTube and now our own TV Channels. But there will always be a place for great photos.

And of course this extends to every business and service. A picture tells a thousand words – let Digiflicks tell your story in pictures.

Our 25 years of experience with photos, which has taken us from New Zealand to Australia, the Pacific, the UK and the Caribbean and back, means we can provide the results you are looking for. Using the latest in Canon digital cameras, we have experience with public realtions, corporate, editorial, advertising and portrait photography.

But our biggest asset is how we work with our subjects, if I had a dollar for every person who said “I hate having my photos taken” I would be a millionaire. So making them at ease is something we take pride in so you get the photos you want.

Be sure to view our gallery of editorial photos, commercial and sport photos. The editorial gallery contains some of my photos from the devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake which struck Christchurch on February the 22nd 2011.

And please take the time to view my awarding photos from 2006 when I won Photographer of the Year in the Qantas Media Awards.


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