Which is the best camera?

There’s an old saying that “the best camera you have is the one you have with you”…

And this proved correct recently when a spectacular lightning and hail storm hit Christchurch. I was in the middle of an assignment so my gear was unavailable as the lightning and thunder grew louder and louder. My next best option was the iPhone 4s. As I was in between locations and not wanting to risk drowning my gear, I put the Olloclip lens on the phone and poked it out of the 2nd storey window and let it roll. The Olloclip gave me a fisheye lens so I wouldn’t miss much, if any, of the lightning. Of course the quality wouldn’t be as good as using my Canon 5D Mk3 or Canon XF305 but they weren’t an option at the time.

Christchurch, New Zealand is not known for its lightning or hail storms, more for earthquakes and snow storms, so I knew this was going to be news. What I didn’t know was that hail stones would almost be golf ball size!

As you can see the quality is what it is but my point remains, the best camera is the one you have on you. I sold the video to the New Zealand Herald website and it got over 8000 views over the next 24 hours and remained their number one viewed video for over two days. It won’t win any awards, especially for the quality, but it proves you can produce something of value if you have the tool on you.

I edited it using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, and if you noticed, some clips were repeated in slow motion for effect. But other than that it was a simple edit that anyone could do at home with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker etc.

Always keep a camera close at hand and if it’s only an iPhone, then so be it. Obviously I always have my phone with me but I also take a minimum of kit when out and about with the kids etc, you just never know when something will happen in front of you….


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